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The Latest News listed below only shows news related to the I am Blog website and services. If you want to be kept up to date with the development of the I am Blog project, you might want to follow:

.:: Alex Erné :: PHP/MySQL projects ::.

Latest News

12 October 2013
As I've written on twitter earlier today, I finally am able to pick up some scripting again. This means it's time for some small updates to get into scripting again. It's not that I don't know what I'm doing, but it's more to get to know my own sources again

So, the updates implemented today are:
  - User password reset. This option allows you to request a password reset. The link to do this will be eMailed to your registered eMail address and it's valid for 24 hours. If after 24 hours you still haven't clicked the provided link, you have to re-request the password reset again.
  - No more maximum for the number of categories you have (already implemented it in August but now it's official )
  - Some cosmetic changes. The most important one is that now the date is normally written in the list of blog entries of the Control Panel.

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18 August 2013
For a long time there has been a limit of 16 categories in place. This still was a heritage of the old I am Blog thought of make it a subscription/donation based, which I simply forgot to remove when I decided to make I am Blog totally free to use

But now I finally remembered to remove the limit. So go and make all categories you need!

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13 April 2013
Today I'll be conducting some maintenance to the I am Blog website and it's database starting at 12.00 CEST. Because of this the website won't be available for about an hour or 2 (maximum).

I'll post on twitter when the I am Blog site is available again.


Maintenance has been concluded and the I am Blog site is up & running again (obviously  )

All news...

Social Blogging Community *

Have you ever wondered what blogging and social communities have in common? Up to now, absolutely nothing. When you're part of a community (like a guild-member in an on-line game for instance), there is only one person who has access to the guild-blogging service, while other members might have things to tell as well.

We at I am Blog feel that has to change! This is how we came up with the concept of the Social Blogging Community. With this feature, you will get the oppertunity to assign friends who will be able to write articles in your blog. This way, you can create one main account for your guild, and guild-members will be able to write in both their personal blog, as well as the guild-blog.

* This feature is under construction

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